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A living suicide note

We were in love but now she isn’t.

I was successful then now I am not. I was a speaker, now I could just sob. I was an actor but now I could only do melodrama. I was a singer but now it’s only melancholy. I was a writer but now I am out of words. She stole my vision and pushed me into the life of ordinary people,that is, to live, to reproduce and to die.

So now, I am left with one choice. The choice is to live as a burden to one’s own self or to die to relieve from endless suffering.

I can’t choose to die for none can. I will live for people who believe in me. I will struggle for people who are comfortable with back stabbing. I will live as how any daughter does for his mother and will serve as how any son does for his father. I will save the reputation of family and live like the living humans.

I am not going to wait for the Grimm reaper to knock my door but when he arrives with death as gift, I won’t reject it. I’ll embrace it like I embraced my life after love.

I’ll end my eternal suffering with my death with no need to ever love again.

-ARunesh AR

A walk…

We all wish to walk through a lot of things in life. What we miss is whom do we choose to walk with. When we are ready with the right person to walk, whatever we walk through, won’t be a path of thorns.  ❤  

Photograph by ARunesh. 

Place : Puducherry, India.