The rule of 72

This is beautifully and simply explained!

Arun Pandiyan


The rule of 72 is a simple formula for calculating how many years it would take for an investment to double if you allow it to compound.

  • What’s the annual interest rate of your investment?
  • Divide 72 by the interest rate.
  • The result is the number of years it takes for your investment to double.

Let’s see and example, consider that you’re investing 1000 rupee today in a investment that pays an annual return of 10% per year. Let’s apply the rule of 72:

72/interest rate

i.e 72/10 = 7.2 years

Therefore, 1000 rupee would become 2000 rupee in 7.2 years if you allow it to compound i.e by not spending the interest/profit from the principle at the end of year and allowing it grow along with the returns every year.

So, before you get into any investment, apply this rule of 72 and check how many years it would…

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How JL wasted Batman!

How JL assassinated Batman!
We all know what Batman is all about. He’s noble. he’s the vengeance. he’s the fear. he’s the dark knight.

He’s the one who finds a way out of anything. A character who can outwit the immortals with his contingency plans.
But how did JL actually portrayed him?

he’s old and heavy. he just lost Jason Todd. okay!

But even when Bruce was with Terry, he Knocked out batman clones. The legend of Batman has no end, which can be seen in The Dark Knight Rises Animated.
How the scenes should’ve been:
1) Flash: what’re your superpowers?

Batman: **Batgrin**
2) When Batman brings his knightcrawler:

It shan’t be Wayne, but Flash who should be saying “whoa, someone didn’t bring swords”
3) When steppenwolf climbs on the Knightcrawler : In, JL, “he’s tall” ,but:

Batman don’t throw one liners amidst a fight. which is quoted by Joker himself when Terry fights him “eww.. Batman doesn’t fight dirty” i.e. he’s the fear ! that’s his power. he won’t ruin that by funny lines.
4) when Superman gets hold of Batman:

Clark:  “do u bleed?!”

Batsy: takes a green kryptonite from Utility belt and at least slows him.

yes, he always carries a kryptonite with him. ref., When Amazo attacks JLA, he quotes this “I call it an investment”.
5) Whatever the scenario is, one can never see Fear in Batman’s eyes. The mighty Darkseid himself said that Every other hero is afraid of destroying a whole planet, but batman has no such rules, and if he says, he will do it.
6) No matter what, Batman will never let Bruce take over him. He won’t let Bruce to find forgiveness through Batman.

When JL planned to use Mother box to resurrect Superman, it should be Batman who stood against it, and since everyone else stressed, he should do so.    But it’s all Topsy turvey.
7) When Batman is Bruce Wayne, of course, he can throw lines, as he does in the end. ” I bought the Bank ”

But once he puts on the Attire, He’s BATMAN!
Whatever Zack Snyder has built, as a foundation for DCEU, is all lost. you can realise when you compare Batman of BvS with JL.

Jesus vs Me !

I saw this video- the most hilarious video on internet today! Which speaks of Jesus Christ was real and history proves it! Resurrection is real and science can’t prove many facts! 

People must watch Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows! 

  Jesus did what Lord Blackwood performed! 
And, it resurrection of Jesus be proved, its not a game changer, instead, Researchers would start looking at that as their interest. 

 And Many people from Mahabharat had been resurrected which took place 4500 years ago, i.e. 3rd century B.C. 


  There are books like Origin of species,  Philosophy Naturalis Principia Mathematia, Relativity theories written by men for men for the upliftment of human race! .
Why did no Gods walk on Moon? But man did. 

Why did no Gods speak of water on Mars but man found? 
You people follow your Religion, your fairy tales.. But don’t you ever make it to a point that science doesn’t have explanation. There are explanations for everything unlike Creation theory, its just that it didn’t reach you yet! 

.don’t try to impose religion on people. But science can be, for it visibly changes everything! 

Home afar World near!

Have anyone felt this?

One place, you’re respected like anything. People come, ask you, offer you suggestions, you’ll be one among the Worldly people. 

  You’ll have applauses, fortune and fame, and people who’d use you but you will reap respect out of it… You’ll be an uncrowned king in your own way of living with the life of gregarious adventures..
Another place,  you’re hardly known to people.

People look at you, look at your actions, show least interests, even when you make effort to preach them of outside world their narrow mindedness narrow your vision at times too!

 You’ll work and merely be a slave with a unworthy fascist with materialistic power alone, putting down your self esteem and struggle to be more than living. 
I know at least a few go through this, but have home ever went afar but world came closer to you?

If Soldiers could think!

People, This goes for all the nations.

  Wars are not just because of greed of powerful people, if is also because of the lust of soldiers for honour! 

  If so called peacemakers could actually stand for peace and not for Flags and borders, 

  If the soldiers could actually think, and quit the armies, there will be no wars, for no leader today is ready to die for what they believe in.
Wars existed , still existing because of noble men following orders! 

  Erase all the borders, burn down all flags, destroy all currencies, cut down the tongue of all the language patriots, 

  And New world shall be born! 

What I am!

People confuse with my ideology and me! Let me explain. 
My posts against violent and silent imperialism has got nothing to do with my attitude towards my fellow people! 🙂 
  I have close friends from the same Brahmin community which I claim to have the Hindu rituals and myth corrupted for their benefit. 

  I have good friends from the community who burned down people alive and cut humans into pieces and leave them of railway tracks just because they did intercaste love! 


     My ideas are not against individuals who practice what is being told to them without rational thinking or questioning considering others who do not do that. 

  My ideas are simply against the whole idea which supports racism of color, caste, creed, religion, etc. 

  If you are someone who could be compassionate with me, rational with the social beliefs and unprejudiced with people of all classes, I will support you,admire you. 

  If you don’t, and still support caste and communal beliefs, I’ll still be tolerant and try to explain, unlike any other people who’d talk behind you! 

   Unless your actions or words are absurd and totally worthless to argue about, you don’t have to think twice or be guilty when talking with me! 
   Simply, I am somebody whom I want the people to be with me! 

  Don’t look at my history, caste, community or actions of my friends.  

My actions decide who I am. My words explain what I am.   I don’t belong to any league. I don’t  identify myself with any coloured dress. I don’t follow any leaders nor I call myself a leader. 

     I am free from any identity anyone claims.

This is what I am. This is Arunesh! 🙂 

தர்மன் என்ன செய்தான்?

தர்மன் என்ன செய்தான்?

தன் முன் என்ன நடந்தாலும் மௌனம் காத்தான், அது அதர்மமாயினும் சரி! அவனுக்கே அரியாசனமும் அளிக்கப்பட்டது!

தன்னை பகடைக்காயாக பயன்படுத்துகின்றனர் என அறிந்தும், நீங்காமல் , தன்னை நம்பியவருக்கு ஏமாற்றம் அளித்தான்!

மக்களின் மனதில் புரட்சியையோ, அரசியல் விழிப்புணர்வையோ தூண்டவில்லை!

 தன் பங்கு மக்களின் பாதுகாப்பிலும் மிக குறைவு!
ஆனால், தர்மனையே சிறந்த மனிதனாக இவ்வுலகம் போற்றுகிறது! அவனை கடவுளாக்கி நாயகனாக்கி போற்றுகிறது!
இப்படிதான் கனவு காண கூறி காலமான ஒருவரையும்……………..
– அருணேஷ் !

Another Dawn!

 People mistake dawn and dusk to be the responsibility of the Sun, without realizing it is actually The Earth and its motion which creates beautiful sights! 

 So, look at yourselves and how much you change in others before admiring how much others change you! 

-ARunesh AR

After a long time…

After a long time, I have been to my home, where I spent my childhood. 

  Lots of memories, lots of music and lots of beautiful feelings flashed by. Suddenly, I saw myself to be smaller yet older. The kids whom I dominated grew up to be young lads getting girls. The older ones ended up as slaves for eternity bonded by wedding agreement. The advising old couples passed out and their place taken over by their children. Just then I was aware of myself being stuck in unstoppable and irreversible stream of time.  But even after all these old and dying feelings, I felt like a father. A father who’d be proud of his children growing old facing the distortions of life. 

   Everyone in the place were flowing free, whereas myself staying stagnant being a place for mosquitoes to breed. The flowing waters shared the fate of every other droplet but this stagnant pool had a millions of stories in it, Untold.


Market Streets

  Art and people of the working class is always a better subject to make aware the people who think themselves to be struggling that they have to be grateful for what they have. 

 If you are a photographer, market streets never fail to give you a story… Hundred of stories, hundreds of smiles, thousands of tear drops kissing the ground as if it’s raining.. 

  The heat of the tungsten bulbs are hotter than the actual sun.. The scent of garlands have more odour than the canned perfumes. The smiles of the vendors are more beautiful than supermodels.. Their majestic posture with their stalls is unmatched.

  In short, if you want a story, a portrait or capture working class people and struggles behind smile, get yourself to a market street.

-ARunesh Words