Jesus vs Me !

I saw this video- the most hilarious video on internet today! Which speaks of Jesus Christ was real and history proves it! Resurrection is real and science can’t prove many facts! 

People must watch Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows! 

  Jesus did what Lord Blackwood performed! 
And, it resurrection of Jesus be proved, its not a game changer, instead, Researchers would start looking at that as their interest. 

 And Many people from Mahabharat had been resurrected which took place 4500 years ago, i.e. 3rd century B.C. 


  There are books like Origin of species,  Philosophy Naturalis Principia Mathematia, Relativity theories written by men for men for the upliftment of human race! .
Why did no Gods walk on Moon? But man did. 

Why did no Gods speak of water on Mars but man found? 
You people follow your Religion, your fairy tales.. But don’t you ever make it to a point that science doesn’t have explanation. There are explanations for everything unlike Creation theory, its just that it didn’t reach you yet! 

.don’t try to impose religion on people. But science can be, for it visibly changes everything! 


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