Home afar World near!

Have anyone felt this?

One place, you’re respected like anything. People come, ask you, offer you suggestions, you’ll be one among the Worldly people. 

  You’ll have applauses, fortune and fame, and people who’d use you but you will reap respect out of it… You’ll be an uncrowned king in your own way of living with the life of gregarious adventures..
Another place,  you’re hardly known to people.

People look at you, look at your actions, show least interests, even when you make effort to preach them of outside world their narrow mindedness narrow your vision at times too!

 You’ll work and merely be a slave with a unworthy fascist with materialistic power alone, putting down your self esteem and struggle to be more than living. 
I know at least a few go through this, but have home ever went afar but world came closer to you?


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