What I am!

People confuse with my ideology and me! Let me explain. 
My posts against violent and silent imperialism has got nothing to do with my attitude towards my fellow people! 🙂 
  I have close friends from the same Brahmin community which I claim to have the Hindu rituals and myth corrupted for their benefit. 

  I have good friends from the community who burned down people alive and cut humans into pieces and leave them of railway tracks just because they did intercaste love! 


     My ideas are not against individuals who practice what is being told to them without rational thinking or questioning considering others who do not do that. 

  My ideas are simply against the whole idea which supports racism of color, caste, creed, religion, etc. 

  If you are someone who could be compassionate with me, rational with the social beliefs and unprejudiced with people of all classes, I will support you,admire you. 

  If you don’t, and still support caste and communal beliefs, I’ll still be tolerant and try to explain, unlike any other people who’d talk behind you! 

   Unless your actions or words are absurd and totally worthless to argue about, you don’t have to think twice or be guilty when talking with me! 
   Simply, I am somebody whom I want the people to be with me! 

  Don’t look at my history, caste, community or actions of my friends.  

My actions decide who I am. My words explain what I am.   I don’t belong to any league. I don’t  identify myself with any coloured dress. I don’t follow any leaders nor I call myself a leader. 

     I am free from any identity anyone claims.

This is what I am. This is Arunesh! 🙂 


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