After a long time…

After a long time, I have been to my home, where I spent my childhood. 

  Lots of memories, lots of music and lots of beautiful feelings flashed by. Suddenly, I saw myself to be smaller yet older. The kids whom I dominated grew up to be young lads getting girls. The older ones ended up as slaves for eternity bonded by wedding agreement. The advising old couples passed out and their place taken over by their children. Just then I was aware of myself being stuck in unstoppable and irreversible stream of time.  But even after all these old and dying feelings, I felt like a father. A father who’d be proud of his children growing old facing the distortions of life. 

   Everyone in the place were flowing free, whereas myself staying stagnant being a place for mosquitoes to breed. The flowing waters shared the fate of every other droplet but this stagnant pool had a millions of stories in it, Untold.



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