What exams taught me!

I don’t know what Exams and the preparation for them taught others,,

But it taught me not to give up, even during the hardest times..

Even if the challenge is unknown,it taught me to get prepared to face it..

It taught me to keep trying ,no matter if you know you’re screwed! 

For some it teaches to have “a plan of attack” and for others “a plan! attack”.

It taught me to stay up whole night for any unfinished business and debt .

It taught me that we can always take a break even with a toughest challenge, the next day!

During preparation, if you have  innovative ideas other paths, such as to write up, to dream, to doodle, to go crazy  ,, You could purse or follow, even if the due date’s tomorrow!

Overall, it taught me to enjoy every deed , every small beautiful things amidst all wars for uncertain tomorrow!

That’s what I have learnt from Exams and people preparing for it!



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