Sausage Party – review

This is a freestyle review with a totally different perception.

 A beautiful 18+ animated movie, that had all colloquial talks, yet bringing USA their history.. Maybe Trump was against the movie…

A movie about how #Refugees and their hopes are shattered… They believe in so much trusting the legends and stories that goes around and fall for the evil trap…

  And when someone rises to  bring new dawn, they’ll be humiliated , unless they watch it for themselves..  That’s why you need a leader whose words could be nailed at hearts!

New dawn is not about Genocide too.. Its about growing equally… 

And most surprising element was the entry of Stephen Hawking’s imagery.. I was like “Whoattt?!! “..  GUM. 

Every character has its own importance.. Its a beautiful movie about rebellion from my perception.. Hollywood nailed it again with an animated picture… 

P.S. Strictly not for Children..  It has a lot of bad words and sexual elements of FOOD in between… Not transparent, yet u can’t explain children.

#review #AruneshWords


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