Pakistan – our brothers!

People are happy about Strike on terrorist bases in Pakistan.

 Pakistan claims that to be their army base. And people, if you feel happy about it,  Just remember we aren’t too different! 

Wars are just authority’s gamble in the name of patriotism. In my view, whoever wants to fight must put into gladiators arena , and let them fight, and no soldier prefers to kill. Its all stupid leaders and businessmen who decides it!

     Whoever those soldiers killed were sons and daughters of another mother , who’re just following orders and that goes for all war making nations.  

     After all these studies on humans and science, still people choose to be ignorant by making war rather than peace. 

    WAR isn’t just made with ammo , its made with human minds. Hatred for brothers with no reasons is war too and that’s what we have for Pakistan.  

  We fight with cricket, we abuse their backwardness just coz they do that to us. Ever greeted a Pakistani? Ever asked about their government? Ever asked if they have 3 meals a day? If u do so, you won’t hate people of Pakistan or any nation without reason!



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