Leadership in India 

When a leader fades away, 

It is mandatory for the successor to fill their place without breaking the hopes of people! 
If you fail when you’re replacing someone who can’t be replaced from people’s heart, you must make sure your first move should be a massive hit and people should understand why the authorities chose you despite many disputes.
The succession and power should be given by the very same leader to the next one with love and righteousness, whose contributions can never be forgotten, rather than authoritarian gamble of powers.
  With what’s going on in India, a cricket team has a better administration than the political party that’s ruling the state.
  And who knows, if Cricket team is selected by democracy, people will vote for Sachin Tendulkar, without thinking “why not give it to Kohli?”, and Dhoni will not even be in the game, because he got out in his debt!



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