Favourite Teacher – PK sir !

#BestTeacher ❤

I waited for 45 mins outside the school gate, bunking college…

But trust me, it’s all worth it.
He came out in the vehicle, Sumo Grande, if am not wrong… In the front seat, like a king on a chariot…

I followed him all the way to his home, and suddenly, a pause.  He came down the car and with no clue why, I wished and offered a lift, which he respectfully denied … Such a humble person.. ❤
Car came to his apartment and I was waiting already, with my ill dress, smelly attire, all rugged look..

He put his hands on my shoulders, and, when he realised my feel, he said, you’ve some dress, that’s okay… Why need to come another day, to meet me…!  A person who respected his fellow being! ❤


He climbed up the stairs, with same charisma, which he portrays in school too… He opened the door and called me in… With hands he took his slippers and put them in. Such a disciplinary. ❤
And then he asked why I didn’t meet him in school. I said I wasn’t comfortable with the new authority and so, I didn’t show up.. he hesitated to comment, yet, he worried, the student community isn’t the same.

I quote, “our first meet happened, when you came late 30 mins, and I sent you out. You decided to chance and here you are, as a good one. ”

I still am wondering how a professor could remember not a topper but a very average humanitarian. that’s what he is.
And he offered a seat equally. And I quote his words to his mother , “The boy here, he is my student from school..  I am now teaching the same class of his.. 12th B. He sits in first bench corner, helps me at times, a very good boy.”

And how could someone remember the seat and the section of the Most hated and notorious student of the school?!
and Then I had the sighting of his. his speech I listened. I remember a few words, but I was into him, with all that wisdom. ❤  It all worth it!
PK sir is to me what Parasuram is to Karn.
He isn’t what you imagine him to be. That’s what he is. The unanalyzable person!

still if you are wondering what change he brought is, something about hope.  when none believed in me, he did. he made me discipline ,at least for his hour. His principles are what I adopt.


If teachers need to learn something, learn it from him, how to respect someone who decides to change. to respect a wrecked person. so, someday he’ll change and be a better man.
Wish I expected the most was not from anyone else, it was from him. And I am very much grateful to the day!



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