The Messengers!

I just found the reasons for all religious intolerance going on in the world..

Jesus, Nabi, Poets of India, stupid priests, Demigods and many such messengers are the reasons!

They screwed up the entire human race. They just had one job and they miserably failed to do it properly!

If they could’ve done it more efficiently and not market themselves much as messengers, the world would’ve been a better place!

I saw children working , not more than 7 years old, in Church. That’s where I lost my patience!

Who asked Humans all these?

If the stupid messengers had done their job perfectly, there won’t be much mess!  People, don’t get offended on the believers, its the messengers who screwed up!

Even if it were moral tales, who were the authors of the origin-less Christianity, Over hyped Islam and the fictional Epics?  Accepting anything coz it has God’s part in it , is the reason!


Well done, Messengers!



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