Indian Democracy

India was the biggest democracy. (is* maybe)

But can’t see what’s happening around us.

Secret meeting to discuss about forming a party.  Public gathering being broken.

Uprooting a mutiny and people’s rise for rights.

Press freedom being banned and those who criticize the government being penalized and threatened. Passing 144 just like that.

More than anything, armed forced working against the people (Demos = people )

Where do we live in, and why would we fake it?

If there be no new party formed, strong and fixed,, whom else could we vote? NOTA worth nothing.

We are living in a democracy where dictators and monarchs decide everything!

And I already started feeling like living in pre-independence Era! And not even the England’s election and labour party could help us now!

We’re stuck in here, and that’s the bitter reality. Live with it rather than hoping for new dawn!

#democracy #ARuneshWords


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