Psychological struggle

Enough is enough.

People who judge me, please stop it. I ain’t some fling, you could use at times.

I am a person and every person is a human. Everyone of us go through some things which makes people judgmental. But, that doesn’t mean we are what we are being made by the stereotypical society.


I face heart breaks. I face failures. I am desperate for someone to plant hope. But that doesn’t mean anyone could come over and try doing it. I am not a trial version.

If you decide to text me, please at least have some topic to discuss about. Please have some courtesy for time. Please behave as a student of historical, philosophical and psychological truths of humankind.

Maybe, these are overwhelming thoughts for a sleepless kid asking for hope without searching them inside himself. But this desperate need for hope, this excuse for replacing pain with beautiful feelings leads to a bigger scale of disappointment and depression.

Please have some humanitarian thoughts for fellow human beings.

Warn them when they are in danger. Warn them when someone is cheating on them , betraying them . Be a better human, stand up for anonymous person, even if they would eventually frame you negative, after all, that’s the fate of righteous people.


Thank you and think about it.


Arunesh AR


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