F.R.I.E.N.D.S ‘ effect on me! 


Never thought it’d be so hard..

By the end, I thought there were two more episodes.. But it just ended…

    I spent like 1 month with F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I never had real friends… But it was like I was accompanied by them…. 
I know the series originally ended in 2004… But, its like a breakup, when you fall in love with someone knowing they won’t love you back.. 

I wanted to finish the series so badly, so I could get a life..but now as it is completed, I’ve got no life…

 FRIENDS – changed my life.!
Now I know the essence of a perfect human..

  Joey’s love and perseverance – through all thick and thin, he never gave up his passion or his dignity and love for friends..

  Chandler’s energy and sacrifice and hiding the vulnerabilities with his humour, so none gets sad about his worries.

  Monica’s discipline and  thirst for victory and taking up everything as a challenge..

  Phoebe’s love for life in spite of life treating her in the worst way. Her righteousness, for someone with broke life, has no comparison.

  Ross’s diplomacy and the social behavior yet humbleness in taking up mockery from friends and listening to them.

  Rachel’s attitude for things that really matters. She might be unstable and crazy, but she is a reflection of every person on earth with the need for love..
With all these qualities, one makes a perfect human. ❤


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